An energy-efficient triple-column extractive distillation process is developed for recovering tetrahydrofuran and ethyl acetate from industrial effluent. The process development follows a rigorous hierarchical design procedure that involves entrainer design, thermodynamic analysis, process design and optimization, and heat integration. The computer-aided molecular design method is firstly used to find promising entrainer candidates and the best one is determined via rigorous thermodynamic analysis. Subsequently, the direct and indirect triple-column extractive distillation processes are proposed in the conceptual design step. These two extractive distillation processes are then optimized by employing an improved genetic algorithm. Finally, heat integration is performed to further reduce the process energy consumption. The results indicate that the indirect extractive distillation process with heat integration shows the highest performance in terms of the process economics.

Ao Yang ,   Yang Su   et al.
For high performance supercapacitors, novel hierarchical yolk-shell -Ni(OH) /Mn O microspheres were controllably synthesized using a facile two-step method based on the solvothermal treatment. The unique -Ni(OH) based yolk-shell microstructures decorated with numerous interconnected nanosheets and the hetero-composition features can synergistically enhance reactive site exposure and electron conduction within the microspheres, facilitate charge transfer between electrolyte and electrode materials, and release structural stress during OH chemisorption/desorption. Moreover, the Mn O sediments distributed over the -Ni(OH) microspheres can serve as an effective protective layer for electrochemical reactions. Consequently, when tested in 1 mol·L KOH aqueous electrolyte for supercapacitors, the yolk-shell -Ni(OH) /Mn O microspheres exhibited a considerably high specific capacitance of 2228.6 F·g at 1 A·g and an impressive capacitance retention of 77.7% after 3000 cycles at 10 A·g . The proposed -Ni(OH) /Mn O microspheres with hetero-composition and unique hierarchical yolk-shell microstructures are highly promising to be used as electrode materials in supercapacitors and other energy storage devices.

Xiqing Luo ,   Miaomiao Jiang   et al.

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